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Cargill Meat Solutions 2010 CO2 Pits Addition:

Beardstown, IL



Quick Facts:

Owner; Cargill Meat Solutions:
Engineer: Design Build
Cost: $3,000,000.00
Superintendent: Dan Westlake
Project Manager: Chris Booher

Project consists of construction of an new CO2 building addition and renovation of the existing CO2 building  including demolition of existing concrete and buildings, excavating and backfilling of two (2) poured-in-place concrete CO2 pits approximately thirty (30) feet deep inside steel piling cofferdam and poured-in-place concrete foundations, pre-engineered steel building with four (4) inch thick insulated metal core panels and four (4) inch thick standing seal metal core roof panels, six (6) inch thick reinforced poured-in-place concrete floors, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC. Project also includes steel rail supports, pusher supports, roof beams and angles in both the existing and new building for rail system provided by Cargill. Exterior work includes concrete sidewalks, concrete approach slabs and new building electrical service. Existing building to be renovated after new building is in operation.  Project was negotiated with Cargill Meat Solution under a Design-Build Concept.