Subcontractor Safety Policy

The purpose of this written subcontractor safety policy is to establish guidelines to be followed for all subcontractors at our worksites. The rules established:

  • Provide a safe working environment
  • Ensure that subcontractor employees and our employees are trained to protect themselves from potential and existing hazards.

The effectiveness of the subcontractor safety program depends upon the active support and involvement of all its employees. This plan implements a program to enforce work practices that minimize the potential of injury or harm to the subcontractors’ employees or our own employees and serves as an additional tool in safeguarding the health and safety of employees.

The subcontractor safety policy establishes uniform requirements designed to ensure that subcontractor safety orientation, coordination, and safety administration practices are communicated to and understood by all employees.

Subcontractor Responsibilities:

  • Assure that all employees are trained in the work practices necessary to safely perform his or her job.
  • Before commencing work and during its progress, inspect the work site and report to Leander Construction’s Project Superintendent or other jobsite representative any safety hazards, which may affect its employees.
  • Correct any hazards identified before commencing work on the project.
  • Subcontractor shall designate an employee who shall be on site full-time during construction activities that pertains to that subcontractor, and who shall act as the Subcontractor’s designated safety representative, and who shall have the responsibility for Subcontractor’s compliance with Subcontractor’s safety program.
  • Provide adequate safety devices or methods for its own employees, sufficient for the risk of the assigned task.
  • If any safety devices or methods necessary for Subcontractor employees are to be provided by others, notify Leander Construction prior to commencement of such operations if any are missing or defective.
  • Reinstall any safety devices removed for construction operations immediately upon cessation of the construction operations.
  • Attend the weekly project safety meetings held by Leander Construction.
  • Provide and require utilization of all necessary personal protective equipment, including but not limited to:
    • Hard Hats
    • Safety Glasses (OSHA Approved)
    • Work Boots
    • Appropriate Clothing
    • Hearing Protection
    • Fall Protection Equipment
  • Subcontractor or sub-tiered Subcontractor’s shall report all injuries to Leander Construction’s Project Superintendent, as well as their own representative immediately after the injured individual has received appropriate medical treatment. In addition, a Report of Accident form shall be submitted to Contractor within 48 hours of injury.
  • Should Leander Construction encounter any safety hazard created by Subcontractor, Leander Construction will give notice to Subcontractor to correct the safety hazard. If safety hazard is not corrected immediately, a work stop notice will be given to Subcontractor until safety hazard is corrected. Also, if the Subcontractor fails to correct the hazard within 24 hours, Leander Construction may, with notice; correct the hazard created or permitted by the Subcontractor and back charge the Subcontractor for the cost of such work.
  • Subcontractor shall remove from the Project any employee who creates an unsafe condition, or who performs work in an unsafe manner on the Project, or who fails any drug and/or alcohol test given in connection with this Project, or who violates the Leander Construction’s Safety Procedures.
  • Subcontractor shall abide by all worksite smoking rules. Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the worksite except for pre-designated smoking areas.
  • All use of mobile phones and texting devices is prohibited on the active worksite, when working with power tools, hand tools, on ladders, or operating equipment during paid working hours.
  • Subcontractor shall defend, indemnify and hold harmless Leander Construction, Inc. for all losses and damages (including attorney fees) with respect to any compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration for violation of specific requirements that may occur with respect to Leander Construction, Inc. or its employees for the Subcontractor’s failures to comply with all applicable safety regulations. Subcontractor shall defend, indemnify, and hold Leander Construction, Inc. harmless from any and all deaths, bodily injuries, property damage or other loss caused by Subcontractor’s failure to comply with its safety obligations.
  • Subcontractor shall submit to Leander Construction their “Silica Exposure Control Plan” per “Table 1” of OSHA Standard 1926.1153.  Subcontractor may choose not to follow “Table 1” by utilizing the OSHA approved method of stringent industrial hygiene (IH) testing that records silica exposure to be less than the OSHA action level of 25 ug/m3 per task performed at its highest level of possible exposure.  Subcontractor must submit all IH testing results prior to being allowed to work outside of “Table 1”.