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New Elementary School- ROWVA CUSD 208

Oneida, IL



Quick Facts:

Owner: ROWVA CUSD 208
Engineer: Farnsworth Group.
Construction Manager: Estes Construction Company.
Cost: $1,977,650.00
Superintendent: Mark Stang
Project Manager: John Schultz

Project consists of a 50,000 square foot New Elementary School designed around a pre-engineered metal building. The school consists of classrooms, gynasium, rest rooms, offices, library and electrical and mechanical rooms. Project also includes an addition on the Leanring Materials Center building.

Our Contract are made up of Bid Package E which includes Drywall and Acoustical Contract and Bid Package H which includes Metal Building Systems. Bid Package E includes building insulation, fluid applied air vapor barrier, non-structural metal framing, gypsum board, acoustical panel ceiling and surface preparation. Bid Package H includes metal building insulation, furnishing and erecting metal building systems and furnishing of anchor bolts

Project is to be completed for the next school year in August of 2013. The entire project is valued at approximately $7,000,000.00.