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Sewage Treatment Plant & Sewer System Improvements

Village of Kirkwood, IL



Quick Facts:

Owner: Village of Krikwood
Engineer: Bruner, Cooper & Zuck, Inc.
Cost: $3,759,000.00
Superintendent: Mark Stang
Project Manager: Bobby Asbury

Project consists of construction of a Wastewater Treatment Plant including erosion control, earthwork, cleaning existing ponds, sewer piping, temporary discharge piping, poured-in-place concrete structures, manholes, control building, fertilizing and seeding, equipment such as diffused aeration system, mixers, process cover, polishing reactor, modular insulated pond cover, control panel, bar screens, chart meters, etc., access road, farm fencing and gates, mechanical and electrical.

The other portion of the project consisting of the Sewer System Improvements include excavation, backfill and bedding, approximately 10,000 linear feet of 24" PVC and DIP sanotary sewer, miscellaneous smaller sized sanitary sewer, force main, manholes, drop connections, 36" steel casing, bored and jacked sewer, asphalt patching, tree removal, erosion control, seeding, and mulching.