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Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements

Forreston, IL



Quick Facts:

Owner: Village of Forreston
Engineer: Fehr Graham.
Cost: $2,741,951.00
Superintendent: Jamie Carlson
Project Manager: Bobby Asbury

Project consists of renovation of the Village of Forreston existing clarifier, reaeration tank, aerobic digester tank, and pump building equipment. The project also includes the installation of a new secondary clarifier equipment located in the existing secondary clarifier structure, a new screening/grit removal system, a proposed building to hold the grit system, a proposed secondary concrete clarifier structure with new sludge clarifier equipment, a new proposed sludge press unit located in the existing sludge drying bed building, renovation work within the existing sludge drying bed building, and concrete renovation work within the existing aerobic digester tank.

Project further includes necessary site excavation and backfill, structure excavation and backfill, yard piping, process piping, valves, controls, concrete sidewalks and paving, seeding, and electrical work

Included in the work is removing of existing sludge accumulated in the tanks that must be renovated. Sludge must be removed and disposed in a acceptable manner.