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Wastewater Treatment Facility Improvements, Headwords & Raw Sewage Pump Station

Byron, IL


Quick Facts:

Owner: City of Byron
Architect: Chastain & Associates
Cost: $3,289,000.00
Superintendent: Josh Miller, Mitch Rager
Project Manager: Bobby Asbury

Project consisted of the construction of a new Headworks & Raw Sewage Pumping Station, Sanitary Sewer (Collection) System Improvements, and associated appurtenances. Blower work includes new aeration blowers, air piping from the blowers to the existing aeration tanks, associated electrical and instrumentation modifications, and demolition of existing blowers and appurtenances. Sanitary Sewer (Collection) System Improvements scope includes trunk sewer extensions across Illinois Rte 2 to Mineral Street and beneath elevated railroad bed to City owned park.