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What Are People Saying? 

12.5 million dollar Litchfield Water Treatment Plant, Litchfield, IL:

“You can go to a construction site and get a feel for the general contractor just by walking about. You don’t have to speak to anyone to see that this is a complex job and is being managed very well. The crews give a friendly greeting, the work site is kept shipshape, and everyone is productive. The project is on budget, the change orders have been minor, and the quality of construction is just top notch.” The Litchfield Memo, a publication by the City of Litchfield, Mr. Andy Ritchie, City Administrator for the City of Litchfield, IL.

8.8 million dollar Paul Heath Community Education and Fine Arts Center on the John Woods Community College Campus in Quincy, IL.
The construction of the project has also progressed extremely well. “We feel good about the whole project,” JWCC President Bill Simpson said. “All major parts of the college will be on one campus.” Simpson toured the building recently, his first close look at the work started last spring. “This will really add to what John Wood is able to do for the community.” he said. Quincy Herald, Quincy, IL.

7 million New Cantrell Intermediate School and Cantrell Elementary School Addition/Remodel.

Despite all the work nearby classes haven’t been disrupted according to Principal Gil Opferman. “It’s going great, They’re good workers; they really seem to care.” Opferman said. The experience has been exciting for both students and staff because “there’s always something new going on. When (the schools) are done they will meet our needs, and they will be something that the whole community can be proud of,” the principle said. State Journal Register, Springfield, IL.

Leander Construction firm fine tunes operation for future.

“From its conception in 1991, Leander Construction, Inc. has conducted business as a typical General Contractor, providing their services over a significant portion of the State Of Illinois. Leander Construction, Inc. is a qualified and experienced construction builder, made up of building trade people, crew foremen, superintendents, project managers and estimators who provide the highest quality construction.

However, the construction industry has gradually shifted to a more complex and sophisticated business. Rather than the typical construction process of bidding a project by plans and specifications prepared by an independent architect or engineer, we see the terms design/build, partnering, construction management, project development, pre-construction services, etc., being introduced into the construction industry. Each of these concepts is slightly different in their management philosophies, but the goal is always to build a quality project on schedule.

As a result, Leander Construction, Inc. has decided to offer design/build, partnering and construction management as additional pre-construction services in addition to plan and specification bidding. To this end, LCI have hired Mr. Ted Brandon as Director of Project Development. Mr. Brandon has a Bachelor of Science degree in Architectural Studies from the University of Illinois and has a significant experience with pre-construction services. His responsibilities will be to develop and market pre-construction services.

Brandon graduated from Canton High School in 2002 and was active in the Little Giants wrestling program. He will move back to Canton from the Schaumburg, IL area, and is very excited about being involved in the community and helping in the Junior High wrestling program. Jerry Leander said that some of the same characteristics that made him successful as a wrestler will make him successful in this endeavor.

Leander Construction, Inc. goal is to understand the client’s needs in order to satisfy all project requirements through a unique process which utilizes specific expertise of the owner, design professionals and members of the construction industry to achieve the original vision.

They will use a strategic approach through integral involvement of the Construction Team throughout all phases of design and construction processes. They will take advantage of their in-house resources of estimators, project managers, and field personnel to maintain the affordability, the constructability, and the functionality of the project in an approach they call Pre-Construction Services.

LCI will work exclusively in a Design/Build, Partnering and Construction Management capacity and offer the benefit to their clients of fast-track project execution with condensed schedules and reduced costs. This is possible through their Partnering approach which involves the development of relationships with our clients, consultants, suppliers and subcontractors to establish upfront project goals to ensure a successful end result for all parties.

Leander Construction, Inc. has a wide breadth of experience in plan and specification bidding that has proven very valuable both to clients and themselves. However, many times the owner is unhappy because the bids are over their budget as a result of their project being over-designed. If LCI is successful in implementing their pre-construction services and are able to provide their services from the inception of the design process through the construction process, their clients will eliminate any surprises. Their early involvement will aid in the timely, on-budget completion of any project.

All of these approaches require the contractor to work with the design team, whether in-house or independent, to develop budgets, produce design and construction schedules, develop phased construction schemes and offer value-engineering cost alternatives. We analyze projects to determine long-lead materials and equipment and then procure them early in the process.

If you have any type of construction project and are interested in pre-construction services as presented by Leander Construction, Inc., please contact Mike Eskridge, at 309/647-7400. ” Canton Daily Ledger, Saturday April 17, 2010.