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Webster defines experience as: “practical knowledge, skill, or practice derived from direct observation of or participation in events or in a particular activity.”

Building construction experience within a construction company can be obtained through individuals or projects or both. Leander Construction, Inc. has been fortunate to have built experience through both options by hiring people in the office and field that possess previous construction experience or by giving people the opportunity to gain experience by participating in diverse projects.

However, beyond the experience an individual can gain by direct observation or participation in a construction project is the experience that is gained in totality by the company. It gives individuals within the company great confidence knowing as a “whole,” we can do it! This confidence and ability is the ingredient, coupled with bonding capacity, which allows a construction company to grow. This was quite evident with our company in the last decade when we moved from 5 million dollar projects to 20 million dollar projects. This translates into phenomenon ability and confidence to provide construction services for any type project or any size. The following is a list of company management personnel and number of years of experience which in aggregate totals over 600 years.