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Thompson Hall Recladding

Western Illinois University, Macomb, IL



Quick Facts:

Owner: Western Illinois Unversity
Engineer: CTL Group
Cost: $1,829,937.92
Superintendent: Mark Stang
Project Manager: Chris Booher

Project consists of removing the existing metal panel cladding, windows and single glazed curtainwall system from the 19 story Thompson Hall and replacing it with a combination of new thermally broken insulated aluminum and glazed curtainwall and MCM panelized system on steel studs. In addition to the work on the building envelop, the vertical distribution pipes for heating and cooling system will be replaced and the vertical chase walls will be removed and replaced. Piping, ductwork, conduit and other miscellaneous mechaincal, electrical, plumbing and technology items will be removed and replaced as required to replace the exterior envelop. The interior door room finishes including carpeting, and wall and ceiling painting will also be included in this work.

Our Work includes interior demolition, window sill installation, metal fabrications, rough carpentry work, doors and hardware, metal studs, drywall and ceiling work, weather barriers, miscellaneous specialties, tape and finishing drywall, paint and drivit ceilings, painting, FRP paneling at showers and chain link fencing.