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Contract 1, Lift Station 5, Lagoon Lift Station & Park Avenue Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation

City of Princeton, IL



Quick Facts:

Owner: City of Princeton
Engineer: Chamlin & Associates, Inc.
Cost: $1,874,862.82
Superintendent: Pat Dolan
Project Manager: Mike Eskridge

Project consists of a Lift Station 5, Lagoon Lift Station and Park Avenue Sanitary Sewer rehabilitation including sidewalk removal, curb and gutter removal and manhole removal, sanitary sewers, manholes, dewatering, concrete pavement patching, asphalt pavement patching, concrete curb and gutter, concrete sidewalk, select granular backfill, fencing, seeding and fertilizing, sewer testing, equipment such as vertical fine screen, wet well automatic pumping stations, non-potable water system, wall mounted variable frequency drives, standby engine generator, solar system and magnetic flow meters, electrical and controls.