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Canton Harvester Inn

Canton, IL



Quick Facts:

Owner: CGI Real Estate Holdings, LLC
Cook Group Incorporated
Architect: Cook Group Incorporated Engineering & Architectural Dept.
Cost: $3,929,277.43
Superintendent: Dave Andrews
Project Manager: Jennifer Anderson

Project consists of a four story, thirty six rooms, two conference rooms, breakfast area and lobby boutique hotel. Site work included concrete curb and gutter, blacktop parking lot, dumpster enclosure, landscaping retaining wall, flagpoles, etc. Construction of the building included concrete foundation, topping slaps and slabs on grade, structural steel framework, masonry, cold formed metal framing, brick facade exterior insulation and finish system, roofing and sheet metal, PVC foam standing and running trim, metal studs and gypsum drywall, metal framed and glazed entrances, storefronts and skylights, stile and rail wood doors, millwork, ceramic tile, resilient flooring, carpeting, painting and wall covering, specialties, hydraulic elevators, food service equipment, HVAC, plumbing and electrical. Project was completed on schedule and within budget and drew great praise from the Owner and community.