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Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements 2015

Walnut, IL



Quick Facts:

Owner: Village of Walnut
Engineer:Willett Hofmann & Associates
Cost: $2,512,000.00
Superintendent: Larry Backes
Project Manager: Bobby Asbury

Project consists of Demolition the existing building, equipment and piping to be replaced.  Construction of a 54’-8” x 36’-8”  lab/process building.  Furnish and install an influent channel with a fine screen and bypass channel with bar screen. Replace the package plant equipment including but not limited to the clarifier mechanism, clarifier scum baffle and weir, steel divider walls, RAS and WAS air lift pumps. Furnish and install process piping, valves and meters. Furnish and install electrical and HVAC. Furnish and install wastewater treatment plant controls. Furnish and install telescoping valve for digester. Furnish and install decanting piping and valves for sludge storage tank. Furnish and install a submersible lift station. Site grading and seeding. Site improvements such as the aggregate base course for the site entrance and sidewalks. Site water main piping, valves, fire hydrants, etc.