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Sullivan WWTP Improvements

Sullivan, IL



Quick Facts:

Owner: City of Sullivan
Engineer: Fehr Graham
Cost: $2,861,000.00
Project Manager: Megan Smith

Project consists of renovation of the City of Sullivan wastewater treatment plant.

Project includes removal of the existing pumps, controls, existing control building roof, sand filter media, all of which will be a portion of the renovations of the existing plant.

Construction of a new reinforced concrete Sequence Batch Reactor Tanks No. 1 and No. 2, Aerobic Digester, foundation and slab for Alum Storage Building, Valve Vault, Lagoon Disinfection Tank and UV Disinfection tank. Replacing roof and insulation on the existing control building. Removing and replacing filter media in three (3) existing filters.   

New equipment include a dry pit submersible pumps, chemical feed equipment, pump controls, storm water controls, electromagnetic flow meter, sequencing batch reactor system, ultraviolet disinfection system and submersible non-clog pumping station.

Site work consists of site preparation, earthwork, site grading, chain-link fencing, fertilizing and seeding, paving and surfacing, utility piping and fittings, precast manholes, site valves, fittings and hydrants and site gravity sewer. Providing electric service to all structures and equipment.