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Odor Control Upgrades-Phase 2,

Sanitrary District of Decatur

Decatur, IL



Quick Facts:

Owner:Sanitary District of Decatur
Engineer: Clark Dietz Engineers
Cost: $4,562,121.00
Superintendent: Dave Andrews
Project Manager: Tim Lipp

The project consists of modifications to the existing sludge line and installation of additional piping for sludge transfer, modifications to an existing primary effluent channel and the channel’s aluminum covers, construction of a parallel primary effluent channel and installation of new aluminum covers and slide gates, installation of new FRP clarifier launder covers and repair of existing, performing building modification to ensure a suitable environmental for installation of ferrous chloride tanks and feed system, installation of the ferrous chloride tanks and feed system, decommissioning three carbon absorption units and relocating one unit, installation of two biofilter odor control units and all ancillary duct work, fans and pumps. The Unit Price portion of the projects consists of applying protective coatings..