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Renovation & Addition to Quincy High School-Bid Pkg #8 General Carpentry

Quincy, IL



Quick Facts:

Owner: Quincy Public School District #172
Engineer:Poepping Stone & Bach & Associates, Inc
Cost: $1,399,000.00
Superintendent: Dave Elsie
Project Manager: Ryan Leander

The General Carpentry Package for Quincy Senior High consists of several different facets. Demolition being one of the bigger items on this project includes the removal of existing interior and exterior face brick and CMU Block, temporary walls from the previous bid packages, exterior metal paneling, lockers, flooring, two locker rooms, and miscellaneous items throughout. It also consists of Carpentry work which includes installing temporary partition walls throughout the school, wood blocking, plastic laminate casework and countertops, science lab equipment/casework, Hollow Metal Frames & Doors, Wood Door & Finish Hardware. There also is a variety of Specialty items included in our package such as signage, toilet partitions, locker room shower systems, folding panel partitions, toilet & bath accessories, lockers, & custom Awnings.