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Wastewater Treatment Plant

Pittsfield, IL



Quick Facts:

Owner: City of Pittsfield
Engineer:MECO Engineering Co, Inc
Cost: $2,830,500.00
Superintendent: Clint Sorrells
Project Manager: Bobby Asbury

This project consists of all labor, materials, tools and plant required to complete all work related to the rehabilitation and upgrade of the Pittsfield, Illinois, Waste Water Treatment Plant. Work includes, but is not limited to, new access road, new headworks, installation of automatic bar screen and grit removal structure, wet well pump station, motor control center, flow measurement, clarifier drive replacements, blower and air header replacement/rehabilitation, non-potable water connection and backflow  structure, tertiary filter drain line, SCADA, existing building rehabilitations, site restoration, fencing, and  demolition of old headworks once the new system becomes operational. Included in the project shall be all related items necessary to complete work described in the specification or shown in the plans.