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Wastwater Treatment Plant Improvements

Morrison, IL



Quick Facts:

Owner: City of Morrison
Engineer:Fehr Graham
Cost: $12,864,000.00
Superintendent: Jamie Carlson
Project Manager: Bobby Asbury

The project consists of a new Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) on undeveloped land (farm field) and includes: Two 12-inch influent force mains, approximately 700 feet each. Duplex submersible Drain Pump Station. Screen and Grit Building, cast-in-place concrete foundation with masonry building containing screenings removal and grit removal systems and Parshall Flume influent flow meter. Biological nutrient removal (BNR) activated sludge system (Aero-Mod SEQUOX system) in open, cast-in-place concrete, common-wall tanks including: Fermenter Tank, Anaerobic/ Selector Tank, 1st Stage Aeration Tanks, 2nd Stage Aeration Tanks, Clarifiers, Aerobic Digesters. UV Disinfection Channel with Parshall Flume effluent flow meter. Cascade Aerator. 20-inch outfall sewer approximately 1200 feet. Control Building, cast-in-place concrete foundation with pre-engineered steel frame, metal clad building containing laboratory, office workshop/garage, plant electrical switchgear, blowers, belt filter press, sludge pump, and skid-mounted non-potable water pumping system. Sludge Storage Building, cast-in-place concrete foundation and pad covered by a pre-engineered steel frame, prefabricated fabric-covered steel framed building that is open on one side.  Asphalt entrance road, approximately 1100 feet, plus additional internal asphalt roads.

Morrison Site 04-2016 https://youtu.be/8fkf-cRAuhQ