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Grace United Methodist Church Addition

Pekin, IL



Quick Facts:

Owner: Grace United methodist Church
Engineer: BLDD Architects.
Cost: $3,283,060.00
Superintendent: Ross Hodgson
Project Manager: Chris Booher

The project consists of 15.500 square foot building addition and 2,000 square foot renovation of the existing building. Building addition is made up of light wood framing, conventional steel and pre-engneered metal building structure. Exterior walls are wood framed walls with masonry cavity construction, EIFS system and metal wall panels with openings of aluminum storefront, including a clear story space. Addition also has two covered entrances with a drive canopy. Building addition spaces includes office suite, lobby/gathering space, multi-pupose gym and a nursery. The renovation space includes connection addition into existing building with fire rated openings and construction. A two story space in the exisiting building will have minor structural work to infill second floor level of the tall space to create a large open 2nd floor room. Renovation includes electrical and mechanical system replacement and improvements and updated finishes in the renovated spaces.