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Primary Digester Complex Improvements

Sanitary District of Decatur, Decatur, IL



Quick Facts:

Owner; Sanitary District District of Decatur
Engineer: Donohue & Associates
Cost: $6,687,000.00
Superintendent: Dave Andrews
Project Manager: Tim Lipp

Project consists of the removal of the existing Pearth gas mixing system and replacing them with new linear motion mixing units for four (4)100 foot diameter anaerobic digesters with floating covers. Included is replacement of digesters' manual drip traps with automated drip traps, plus various mechanical and electrical upgrades being made to bring the digesters into compliance with NEPA 820 code. The project also includes replacement and relocation of the digesters' Waste Gas Burner, a new 1200 square foot brick and block Electrical Building along with the related roofing, painting, site improvements, paving, restorations, erosion control measures and related appurtenances. The project further includes process instrumentation and control work associated with the project. One of the difficult features of the project is coating of the inaccessible portions of the four (4) digester covers which require the lifting of tyhe existing anaerobic digester floating covers, which wieigh over 565,000 pounds each, by hydraulic jacking.