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New Water Treatment Facility

Danvers, IL



Quick Facts:

Owner:Village of Danvers
Engineer: MSA Professional Serrvices
Cost: $2,945,000.00
Superintendent: Arthur Knapp
Project Manager: Bobby Asbury

Project consists of construction of a new water treatment facility including interior painted masonry block, exterior brick, concrete plank roof, doors, windows, foundation walls and footings, plumbing, HVAC electrical, etc. Equipment to be installed in the building include force draft aeration, chlorine, sodium permanganate, ferric chloride, phosphate, and fluoride chemical addition, flocculation, sedimentation, gravity filtration utilizing manganese green sand media, high service pumps, rehabilitation of existing vertical pressure softening ION exchange system, electrical control system including SCADA system, PLC generator set and automatic transfer switch, motor control center, installation of tank mixer in existing elevated water storage tank, demolition of select existing water treatment facility equipment and associated building modifications, construction of miscellaneous yard water main piping, valves, sanitary sewer, backwash tanks and effluent pump station.