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Wastewater Treatment Plant Miscellaneous Improvements

Canton, IL



Quick Facts:

Owner: City of Canton
Engineer: Maurer Stutz
Cost: $750,000
Superintendent: Mark Stang
Project Manager: Tim Driscoll

Project consists of demolition, new construction, renovation work, equipment and valve replacement at both the East and West Wastewater Treatment Plant.     

Equipment replacement includes positive displacement blowers, fine bubble diffuser system, floating mechanical aerators, submersible sewage pumps, and polymer feed systems.

Mechanical work consists of installation of diffused air system in existing aeration tank and existing rectangular digester including piping work to the blower building, additional diffusers and associated piping at the east and west aerobic tanks, replacing valves, setting of new equipment including setting of five (5) aerators at the east and west first flush basins and removing and setting of new sludge pumps.

Electrical work consists of installation of two (2) new blowers at the east and west aerobic tanks, and controls and instrumentation. Wiring of new equipment furnished by others.