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2014 Aeration Diffuser Replacement

Decatur, IL



Quick Facts:

Owner: Sanitary District of Decatur
Engineer: Black & Veatch Corporation
Cost: $1,265,000.00
Superintendent: Dave Andrews
Project Manager: Tim Lipp

The proposed improvements generally consist of the following work: Remove existing and dispose of air piping and ceramic diffusers within six activated sludge aeration tanks; provide and install new air piping, membrane diffusers, and related control valves, flow meters, access ladders, and related equipment.
Demolition of the existing diffusers and air distribution piping and installation of new diffusers and air distribution piping within the six nitrification aeration tanks. Modifications to the existing air distribution piping outside of the aeration tanks consisting of replacing two sections of 14-inch pipe with 30-inch pipe and installation of new drop pipes and control valves to supply air to each nitrification aeration tank. Performance of spot concrete  repairs to the nitrification aeration tank surfaces, and other appurtenant work.