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Estimating is the backbone of our business and involves determining a detailed quantity takeoff, applying pricing to quantities based upon our construction knowledge and historical project data,, pursuing subcontractor and supplier pricing and systemically calculating a total estimated cost that is accurate and competitive. The key element in this procedure is experience and this gives us a leg up on our competition. We feel our estimating excels in these area which makes us a formable estimating staff. Our estimating staff consists of Todd, Troy and Ryan Leander and Kelly Anderson. We are also transitioning more to doing our estimating on an automated estimating programwhich will give us more of a flexible and expedient method of estimating.

The other side of estimating that is extremely critical to the success of our company is the relationship we have built with subcontractors and suppliers over the years. We value these relationships greatly and is a big reason why our company has been so successful in the realm of estmating.

Design/Build, Partnering and Project Management:

Design/build, Partnering and Construction Management are other pre-construction services we provide and are unique in their process, but similar in final results.

1. Design build is a process where the builder takes the responsibility for both the design and the construction. This process normally brings the project within the budget and saves money because the design is cost effective and the construction components are valued-engineered. It offers the benefit to the clients of fast-track project execution with condensed schedules and reduced costs. It is a team effort which utilizes the specific expertise of the owner, design professionals and members of the construction industry to achieve the original vision.

2. Partnering approach involves the development of relationships with clients, design professionals, suppliers and subcontractors to establish upfront goals to ensure a successful end results for all parties. It is a process of partnering with the owner and design team in establishing a cost effective design, value-engineering cost alternatives and compiling the cost of construction within the owner’s budget without competitive bidding the project. It gives the construction process much greater flexibility and maintains the affordability, the constructability and the functionality of the project. The owner has total involvement in the project and flexibility to select the construction team.

3. Construction management is the process of selecting a company to manage the construction process from working with the design-team, obtaining subcontractor’s proposals, scheduling and managing actual construction. It allows the architect to have insight from a contractor during design and takes advantage of the contractor’s expertise in obtaining competitive subcontractor’s proposals. It gives the owner flexibility in the selection of subcontractors and places a significant emphasis on schedule.

All of these approaches require the contractor to work with the design team, whether in-house or independent, to develop budgets, produce design and construction schedules, develop phased construction schemes and offer value-engineering cost alternatives. We analyze projects to determine long-lead materials and equipment and then procure them early in the process.

Valued Engineering:

Valued Engineering as mentioned above is also a process that starts in pre-construction and continues throughout the life of the project. Alternate construction materials and system comparisons are studied to determine potential benefit based on value, cost, time, operations and maintenance costs, constructability and quality.


Scheduling, much to the delight of our clients, are very important in our pre-construction services. Both master and milestone schedules are produced up front to help our field management team determine the critical path and manage their time with limited disruptions due to construction activity. Throughout the duration of the project, we prepare two week look-ahead schedules and review it with the architect and owner representatives to keep everyone appraised of any changes. You are guaranteed direct communication with the right people at the right points of the project.