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Estimating Overview

Accuracy and efficiency are two key abilities a company must possess in order to have success in construction. Here at Leander Construction, Inc. we put a lot of time and effort into optimizing these abilities. We are continually trying to find ways to get an advantage on our competition and evolve our practices to be as efficient and accurate as possible.

One way we have done this is by investing in an estimating software. In 2013, we began implementing an estimating software program to bid projects more efficiently and accurately. The software’s compatibility with our company’s project management software allows the project data to seamless transfer from the estimator to the project manager. This cuts down the amount of time it takes project manager to set up jobs, create budgets, and set up schedules.

We also have implemented a file sharing program to more effectively send and receive documents from the office or the field. This cloud based software is utilized in many division of our company. The functionality and automations that are built into this file sharing system makes it much faster and easier to communicate and transfer information with everyone involved in the construction process.

We here at Leander Construction, Inc. feel like we have utilized the current technologies properly and we have the competitive advantage that other General Contractors do not have. This use of technology, in all facets of our company, makes us accurate and efficient in our work and provides the optimum potential to have a successful construction project.

Besides our new estimating software, the other significant change in our Estimaing Department is the addition of Mr. Tim Lipp who becomes our Vice-President of Project Management, but has extensive estimating experience with Core Construction and Laverdiere Construction. Many companies have their project managers both estimate and manage their projects, and this was the case with Tim. There are times when our estimating schedule is extremenly heavy, and yet a project comes out for bidding that we are very interested in, Tim is our anwser. Tim will also be used with special clients to both estimate and handle the work in the field. This is very important, especially in the healthcare industry, where speical knowledge in estimating and job-site management is essential.