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A Predestined Beginning:

Leander Construction, Inc. was founded on June 19, 1991, by Jerry Leander and his two sons, Troy and Todd, out of necessity, not opportunity. Jerry Leander had worked for C. Iber & Sons, Inc. out of East Peoria, IL, one of the top 400 contractors in America, for over thirty years, fifteen as President. A number of young staff members approached Jerry Leander to pursue buying the company with them and on May 22, 1991 a Letter of Intent to purchase the outstanding stock was presented to the majority owner. Rather that accepting the offer, Jerry Leander was simply forced out by a group of self-asserting men, although he was one of the principle owners. It wasn’t fair after a lifetime of commitment, but this life changing situation left two paths to travel: feel sorry for yourself and submit to despair or challenge yourself to move forward and use what they couldn’t take away, your knowledge and experience. The family met in the living room of the family home, and that afternoon LCI was founded in a garage across the street. No money, no employees, no equipment, only a partnership with God and an opportunity arising from disaster.

It is interesting to note, that C. Iber & Sons, Inc. had net stockholders’ equity of $4,429,484 as of March 31, 1991, and three years later filed for bankruptcy without Jerry Leander receiving a penny for his 40% stock holdings. Three of the individuals who conspired against Jerry Leander later requested interviews for employment at LCI. This is an astonishing story of the unwritten law of justice.

Having lost everything, it wasn’t easy to start a company from scratch that depended upon financial stability for bonding. However, reflecting back it is apparent that God was with us and the path we started down, although not easy, was the right path.

Now a third generation firm, Leander Construction, Inc. is led by Chairman of the Board, Jerry Leander, President and Chief Executive Officer, Todd Leander and Vice President, Troy Leander. Other officers of the company are Dave Lohrenz, Vice President of Finance and Rick Roberts, Vice President of the Field Operations and Tim Lipp, Vice President of Project Management. LCI has shown dramatic growth over the years and although many things have changed since 1991, yet some things have not changed at all. We care about our clients, we care about our employees and we are about the communities we serve.