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General Contracting

From our conception in 1991, Leander Construction, Inc. has conducted business as a typical General Contractor dedicated to quality construction. LCI general contracting processes can be broken into three phrases: bidding process, purchasing process and construction process.

The bidding process involves developing detailed estimates for clear and specific scopes of work, communicating and receipting detailed proposals from subcontractors and suppliers and systematically combining all costs into a lump sum bid.

If successful, the purchasing process involves entering contractually with subcontractors and suppliers, processing contracts into budgets and schedules, and providing detailed information for the construction process.

The construction process involves offering a highly qualified and experienced project management team, providing qualified and experienced trades people , working with a team of commercial subcontractors experienced specialized scope of work, developing and monitoring detailed construction schedules, providing and adhering to quality assurance and quality control procedures, communicating within a structured system and completing the project within determined timelines.

Leander Construction, Inc. background, experience and strength is in general contracting. All of the above mentioned phrases are important, but if the estimating process is not completed accurately and completely, the entire construction process is flawed and unrecoverable. Estimating is the backbone of LCI and represents over 100 years of aggregate experience. As we branch into design/build, partnering and construction management, estimating remains the one key element of all these preconstruction services.