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Building on Technology

The construction industry has seen significant changes in technology over the last decade. Leander Construction, Inc. recognized very quickly that new technology could reduce cost, speed the construction process and make the company more effective and competitive. LCI used the following technology on a daily basis:

• Global Positioning System (GPS) calculates its position by precisely timing signals sent by the GPS satellites high above the earth to a GPS receiver. GPS equipment is used in layout, establishing grades and is integrated into the electric/hydraulic system controlling the raising and lowering of excavation and grading equipment.

• Laser guided equipment utilizes a light amplification to maintain a level position by integrating a receiver into the electric/hydraulic system enabling the equipment to remain perfectly level. This is typically used on excavating and grading equipment and concrete screed equipment.

• Digital surveying equipment uses an internal computer in which the coordinates of a project is entered into the computer and those points are precisely field located by one person. The computer actually tells you when the exact point is located.

• Electronic mail (e-mail) has changed the face of paperwork in the construction industry and allows information to be transmitted in “real time” and significantly accelerates the construction process. Written word, pictures, drawings, etc., are transmitted and received electronically instantly. On one large project we had over 8,000 e-mails received and sent.

• Computer software for estimating, project management, scheduling and accounting systems are all used on a daily basis. Numbers are systematically and automatically calculated to eliminate errors.

• Drawings and specifications are scanned, formatted and added to on our Sharefile Site making it possible to distribute to anyone anywhere in the world.

• Every project superintendent carries a laptop computer, just like he carries other tools, and uses it to receive and transmit information.

• LCI Website, www.leanderconstrctioninc.com, was recently re-designed professionally to represent the company we have become. Websites are a wealth of information and is a technology we needed to use in a professional manner to answer any question a client would have.