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Building a presence in the Midwest

We frequently are asked if we work outside of Canton, Illinois. The State of Illinois map shows we have worked or are working over the entire state with the exception of metropolitan Chicago and St. Louis. We have tried to be flexible enough to provide construction services on whatever projects are available, wherever they are located. This allows us to pursue projects of any type and location. That philosophy proves very valuable in a recessed economy in which work is scarce. We have also developed relationships with subcontractors who are located close to the area we are pinpointing or are willing to travel with us.

We have completed several projects in the State of Missiouri including a church in Kirkwood, Missiouri, and a YMCA renovation in Hannibal, Missouri. This work was completed by our Quincy, Illinois, office under the Leadership of Mr. Brian Frese. We have several full-time employees from Missouri, including a project superindent, Mr. Kerry Bross

This Year we moved into the Iowa market when we were low bidder on a 6.3 Million Dollar Wastewater Treatment Plant in Burlington, Iowa and 1.3 Million Dollar Elementary School in Keokuk Iowa. These projects are competitive bid against Local Bidders and indicate our potential to expand.